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ZS AeroEngines Central Europe is the authorized distributor of Zongshen Industrial Group Co. Ltd. Established in 1982 is a conglomerate with total assets and annual sales revenue both exceeding 2.6 Billion EUR, making a presence in more than 150 countries in the world. Based on its well-fledged supply chain and 30 years experience in the internal combustion engine business of the Zongshen Industrial Group, Zongshen Aero is now the biggest aircraft piston engine manufacturer in China.

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Aircraft engines C80, C100, C115.


All ZS AeroEngines Central Europe products has the long warranty – up to 2 years or 500 hours (whichever comes first).


20 hours quality checks on the engine test stand for every manufactured engine.

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C80 is a naturally aspi rated, liquid/air-cooled, horizontally opposed four-cylinder, four-stroke, gear reduction-drive engine commonly used on ultralight aircrafts, light sport aircrafts, and unmanned aerial vehicles.

  • Engine weight: 55,4 kg
  • Engine suspension frame weight: 2 kg
  • Performance: 59,6 kW / 80 HP
  • TBO: 2000H
  • Torque: 103 Nm, 4800 RPM
  • MAX RPM: 5800
  • Bore: 79,5 MM
  • Stroke: 61 MM
  • Displacement: 1211,2 cm3
  • Fuel: Min. RON 95 Mogas / 100LL Avgas


C100 aero engine is an upgrade of the C80 aero engine, which provides for more horsepower with the same weight.

  • Engine weight: 56,6 kg
  • Engine suspension frame weight: 2 kg
  • Performance: 73,5 kW / 100 HP
  • TBO: 2000H
  • Torque: 128 Nm, 5100 RPM
  • MAX RPM: 5800
  • Bore: 84 MM
  • Stroke: 61 MM
  • Displacement: 1352 cm3
  • Fuel: Min. RON 95 Mogas / 100LL Avgas


C115 aero engine is a widely used turbocharged aircraft engine for ultralight and light-sport aircrafts as well as medium altitude long endurance unmanned aerial vehicles. Offers more performance at high altitude and the best power to weight ratio at better than 1.134 kW/kg.

  • Engine weight: 64 kg
  • Engine suspension frame weight: 2,3 kg
  • Performance: 84,5 kW / 115 HP
  • TBO: 2000H
  • Torque: 144 Nm, 4900 RPM
  • MAX RPM: 5800
  • Bore: 79,5 MM
  • Stroke: 61 MM
  • Displacement: 1211,2 cm3
  • Fuel: Min. RON 95 Mogas / 100LL Avgas

Hi-tech Aviation

ZS AeroEngines Central Europe” is the part of “Hi-tech Aviation” company, specializing in selling the ultralight Dynali H3 helicopters, “flying boats” (LSA Atol Aurora), Rotax STC engines for Cessna 150, as well in the aviation services. Click in the section and get more information!

Dynali H3 helicopters

Belgian ultralight helicopter, designed for the flight training, utility and personal-use roles.

Flying boat

Atol Aurora amphibious light sport aircraft offers many highly appreciated benefits.

Cessna 150 Rotax STC

Upgrade your C150 with a modern engine Upgrade performance, downgrade costs.

Aviation services

We are the owner of Dynali H3 helicopter. Thats why we offer flight traning and much more services (i.e. scenic and utility flights).